What are your rental prices?

Rental prices are not posted on line because they vary by city. Please email or call us to speak with a representative for your area who can answer all of your pricing questions and give you a custom quote for your event.

What is your minimum order requirement?

We have no minimum order requirement.

Can I come to your warehouse to look around?

Yes! Our Southern California Showroom is open Monday - Saturday, but we do ask that you please call ahead for an appointment. We want to make sure someone is on hand to show you around and answer questions.

I love Archive style! Can I hand the whole event over to you to put together?

Almost! Archive offers comprehensive professional event design; extraordinary furniture and tabletop; unmatched expert floral design, and professional day-of styling services. For other event services, we'd be happy to refer you to some of our favorite professionals. Please see our Services page for more details... we look forward to making your event amazing!

Can I pick up an order from your warehouse?

YES! We welcome Will Call/Pick Up orders with an order minimum of $500. Orders under $2,500 can only be placed within 60 days of your event. There are no time restrictions for Will Call/Pick Up orders over $2,500.

My florist would like to pick up all of the floral containers a few days early so she can arrange flowers ahead of time. Is this okay and is there an extra charge?

Yes, we do allow early pick-up of floral containers by your florist (provided they are available), and no, there is no extra charge.

I noticed your company is based in California. Can you deliver to other states?

Absolutely! Please contact us for all the details and for more information on our inventory and delivery.

I noticed your company headquarters are in Southern California. Do you deliver to Northern California?

Yes! We deliver to everywhere in California, and have a warehouse in the San Francisco area to accommodate our Northern California events.

Is it expensive to ship items to other states?

It depends on where your event is taking place, how large your order is and the size and weight of the items you order. For instance, shipping tabletop can be done by UPS, whereas shipping furniture must go by truck. For budgeting purposes, if you have a large order, such as tables, chairs and sofas for a wedding, you can estimate that shipping will cost approximately 20% of the order total.

Can you style my event when you deliver my order?

Yes! We offer affordable day-of styling services by our Award-Winning Design Team. Please see our Services page for more details and let us know your needs.

Am I responsible for items that are stolen or damaged at my event?

Morally, no. Financially, yes. We require a credit card for loss or damage, and if items are not returned or returned damaged, you will be charged for either the repair or replacement of the item. Loss or damage doesn't happen often, but we understand things happen.

Do you rent things by the hour?

We rent things by the day or longer.

Do you offer a discount for charity events?

Yes, we do! Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

I am planning a photo shoot which I plan to have published. Do you ever collaborate on or offer a discount?

Often times we do. We'd love to hear about your project. Please email us with specifics and we'll let you know how Archive can participate.

I have some cool vintage stuff for sale. Are you interested in buying?

Always! Please email your photos and price list to

Are your delivery guys single?